Variation #4907 of Waistcoat Victorian Gentleman Black


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A waistcoat of any style adds a certain flair to any outfit, but with this Victorian Gentleman Waistcoat adding a touch of Gothic Aristocratic allure to your look, you can never put a step wrong! Black with a brocade design making this vest anything but ordinary, the addition of the non-functional pockets, wide plain black collars and intricately detailed silver buttons means this vest can be worn to compliment a variety of your style explorations. Wear under a coat or on its own over a shirt and let the design and cut become a focal point you’ll love to showcase!


  • Black brocade design
  • Detailed silver embossed buttons
  • Black plain interior and collar
  • Front button fastening
  • Cotton lining
  • Rayon and polyester outer
  • Original Punk Rave

Brand: Punk Rave

Model: Y-807


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