Corset Top Black Brocade with Chiffon Sleeves 32″


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This Black Brocade Corset Top is perfect as an outerwear piece and is designed to highlight the most feminine assets, such as your neck, shoulders and your figure. The cold shoulder straps, detail a lightweight sheer chiffon sleeves to decorate your arms in a cooling fabric, making it comfortable whilst maintaining extra coverage of the arms. This design is both modest, edgy and is a versatile piece that can be worn for many different occasions.

Suitable for 35-36" Natural Waist

* Style: Overbust top, Regular Length

* Features: Chiffon sleeves

* Range: Waist Taming

* Colour: Black

* Achievable Waist Reduction: 3-4"

* Fully Adjustable Lacing: Black Ribbon

* Back Modesty Panel

* Strong Waist Tape

* Outer Material: 100% Polyester Brocade, Chiffon

* Lining: 100% Cotton Twill

* 4mm Lightweight Spiral Steel Bones, 7mm Lightweight Flat Steel Bones

* Busk Length: 13"

Brand: Corset Story

Model: BC-016 1CS199


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