Variation #3342 of Corset Overbust With Angled Panels And Shoulder Straps


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From Corset Story – If you're looking for a garment that combines the ultimate in contemporary style with vintage, Victorian-style elegance, search no further, as this amazing Instant Shape corset is the choice for you. Its gorgeous fabric, angled panels and piping give it a more traditional feel, while distinctive shoulder straps and front lacing add a dash of modern chic, making it one of the most versatile and eye-catching items in our collection. Made using only the finest materials available, it uses a combination of rigid flat steel and more flexible spiral steel boning to provide instant shape, crafting the waistline into a classic hourglass, while providing constant comfort and support from the moment you put it on.

Brand: Corset Story

Model: CS1196 VICSFA1011JBK US20


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