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May Newsletter – Cats, Witches and Punk Rave

Alchemy cat on a skull backpack, World of 3D cat and raven side bag, Nemesis now black cat purse and pirate kitty mini bag

Welcome to our May Newsletter!

We’re all about our feline friends this month at Gosling Gothware!  If you’re a fan we’ve got a great range of purses, handbags and backpacks with some gorgeous cat-related designs.  From Lisa Parker to Alchemy, there’s sure to be a furry friend that wants to come home with you.  Meow!

A new set of Punk Rave clothing has arrived into the shop, and it’s fabulous! With both Goth and Steampunk designs, you will step out in style and be the envy of everyone in your scene.  See below for some pics.

Visit our What’s New page to see what else is new on the website.

Alchemy cat on a skull backpack, World of 3D cat and raven side bag, Nemesis now black cat purse and pirate kitty mini bag

Cat Backpack, Side bags, Purses and Mini Bags

From Alchemy UK comes a darkly gothic cat image – winged and sitting on a skull with a moody sky in the background. 

If you’re more into the mystical, the side bag from designer SheBlackDragon might be more your bag (pun intended).  A black cat gazes up at a black raven perched upon a stack of books.  Very witchy!

We’ve also got a rather serious looking black cat purse from designer Lisa Parker, and a cheeky pirate kitty mini bag – plus tons more designs on our website.  Adopt your new cat today!

Witches Brew

Back in stock are our witches brew mugs. Super popular, these cauldron shaped mugs are perfect for a witchy hot drink. Slurp!

Step out in style with Punk Rave

Our new range of Punk Rave clothing has arrived – and there are some stunning new designs. Come in and try something on for size!

Instagram and Facebook

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see all our new products, both in store and on the website.

This month we’ve been loving our range of Restyle jewellery!  We’ve got bat-winged hair clips, a witch-book locket necklace, a silver horned barette with a faceted black gemstone – tons of gorgeous stuff to check out.  See our website for a taster, or come into the shop to see our full range!

Our fairy range is ever growing and changing – come in to check out what’s recently arrived.

That’s it for this month!  Contact us if there’s anything you spot on Facebook or Instagram you’d like added to the website.  Or if you just want to say hi!  We love hearing from out customers and always welcome feedback.