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March Newsletter – Steampunk, Hoodies and Side Bags

The Steampunk Assassin Fairy is depicted kneeling down holding a hefty multi barrel gun. She's wearing buckled, kneehigh boots, has red hair held back by goggles with mechanical wings sweeping out from her back

Welcome to our March Newsletter!

Steampunk is on the mind this month. Sadly Steamfest in Sheffield was cancelled this year (damned virus), but we all got dressed up and parambulated around in our finery anyway.  Happily it was a gorgeous day! 

If you fancied adding some Steampunk love to your outfit or home, check out our Steampunk range on our website.

Now the weather is cooling down you may be looking for something a bit more snuggly to wear in the coming months.  Our Spiral Hoodies are on sale – and we have a great range of sizes.  One of the 5FDP ones recently winged its way all the way to America!

Visit our What’s New page to see what else is new on the website.

Steampunk goggles, evening bag and fob watch

Steampunk Ahoy!

One of the most frequently asked questions we get in the shop is ‘what is this Steampunk thing all about?!’  The quick answer is this: imagine the Victorian age never finished.  Imagine there was no silicon (computer) chip.  Everything is steam powered, we have airships instead of jet planes.  New and innovative ways are being invented to solve every day problems with clockwork inventions.

Now subvert it all with a bit of anarchy and punk.  Victorian prudishness be damned, we’re going to hike up our long skirts and stick some goggles on our top hats for easy reach when we jump on to our airship for a swashbuckling adventure.  While looking rather stylish and sassy of course.

Lovely warm hoodies

The nights are drawing in, very soon we’ll be falling back into winter time, it’s time to look for your statement hoodie for the next season.  If you’re looking for something a bit metal, the Five Finger Death Punch ones might be your pick.  Or perhaps a Dragony Skull one is more your style.  Check out our clothing section for the full range.

Compact and Convenient Side Bags

Sometimes when you head out, you just want a small bag for your phone, cash etc. The small size of these side bags is perfect for being light and easy to carry, while still looking fabulous.

Instagram and Facebook

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New into the shop this month we have ways to bring in some light for these darkening days.  A gorgeous dragon candelabra will make a perfect centrepiece for your table.  Or perhaps a wall mounted tea light candle holder with an extra slot for incense would look perfect in your witchy space?

That’s it for this month!  Contact us if there’s anything you spot on Facebook or Instagram you’d like added to the website.  Or if you just want to say hi!  We love hearing from out customers and always welcome feedback.