Variation #3105 of Socks Cathedralis Moon & Cathedral Jacquard


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Do you think the only socks you can have in your gothic wardrobe are boring black knee-highs or ankle socks?

Or maybe you think that you can't bring any gothic accents to a business outfit?

If so, then in both cases you are very wrong! 😉


Introducing the gothic socks with our original design and the Restyle logo. The pattern of black socks was knitted using the jacquard method. It is a noble, 19th-century technique used to make intricate, contrasting and very durable patterns. The project of black socks is an original composition of cathedral motifs interspersed with crescents, which add a bit of mystery to the design.


Our suit socks will look great both paired with a tie and an elegant blazer (and our Cathedral Suitcase!) and edgy, gothic dresses or skirts.


CATHEDRALIS JACQUARD SOCKS are made of high-quality materials. They provide both comfort and durability. The knitted fabric consists of 80% cotton, thanks to which the socks are airy and soft to the touch. The addition of 17% nylon increases their strength and flexibility. Finally, 3% spandex adds a bit of stretch so the socks fits perfectly around your feet.


Express your goth nature from head to toe! Whether you're going to the Goth Festival or to work in the office 😉


Unisex socks.

Composition: 80% cotton, 17% nylon, 3% spandex

Brand: Restyle

Model: RE1020


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