Purse Hocus Pocus Embossed


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Lisa Parker Hocus Pocus Cat Familiar

From the untamed imagination of Lisa Parker, this embossed purse was created by Nemesis Now. Not just your ordinary moggy this Blue Point Siamese wears a red collar, decorated with a triquetra talisman. Sat in front of a window, looking out over the night sky, this familiar has a crystal wand grasped firmly between her small fangs. A spell book sits open in front of her while potion-filled jars and bottles sit around her. Bright blue eyes staring straight ahead as she casts a spell causing green spirals of energy floating from the end of the wand. The beautiful embossed detailing enhances the magic and creates a striking 3D effect while the large compartments make it a wonderfully practical piece.


Brand: Nemesis Now

Model: B4865P9


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