Oil Burner Hanging Witch Cauldron 17cm


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OMG this is the cutest little cauldron oil burner!

Add a little magic to your life with this lovely black ceramic hanging cauldron burner.

With few drops of essential oils into the water, light the candle, and soon our oil warmer will spread the sweet smell from the oil or wax.

The whole day's fatigue and stress will go away and your mood will be lifted simultaneously.

It's can create a special feel and experience for you and help you sleep better.

Imagine the oil burning and bubbling away, giving you the benefits and fragrances of your essential oils, without having to apply topically.

A great gift idea for anyone with an interest in witchcraft or wizardry.

Height 10cm, Width 12.5cm, Depth 12.5cm.

Weight 234g

Made of Ceramic

Stand with area for tea light

Always place your cauldron oil burner on a fire-proof surface, keep it away from children and pets, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

It’s quite hot when the burner is burning, so please let it cool down before taking it off.



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