Variation #3473 of Leggings Bat with Wings & Corset Lacing


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It's time to add some magic to your wardrobe with our gothic BAT LEGGINGS!

These leggings are a combination of elegance and mystery,

made of cotton which is soft and pleasantĀ on your body.

Not only the material is unusual – the leggings are decorated with inserts with bat wings made of artificial leather,

which give them a unique character.

What's more, the elements with a corset binding are a detail that distinguishes these leggings from others.

This is an ideal proposition for lovers of the Gothic style who want to stand out and feel special.

Black leggings are universal, which is why they are easy to combine with other items of clothing.

You can wear them casually with crop tops and sneakers or slip on platform boots and our gothic mesh bodysuits for a party or concert.

If you want to add some magic and mystery to your wardrobe, BAT LEGGINGS are the perfect choice.

Check them out now!

Composition: cotton (100%) artificial leather (100% PU)

Brand: Restyle

Model: RE1243 RE1244


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