Journal Tree Moon Phases 12cm x 17cm


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Are you looking for a meaningful gift or unique journal that you cannot get at any old stationary store? This may be it! Step back in time with this Tree & Moon Phases Leather Journal with locking closure. This beautiful leather journal is the perfect accessory for anyone who loves the vintage, antique or witch aesthetic, or for anyone who simply loves to write or draw. Crafted from leather and encasing distressed antique style paper, this journal is the perfect magickal accessory.

It measures approximately 17x12cm, making it the perfect size for carrying with you wherever you go.

The leather cover is soft to the touch and features a swivel style locking enclosure to keep your journal secure. Inside, the journal features antique style paper, perfect for writing your thoughts/ discoveries along your magickal journey. The paper has been produced to look antique and distressed, perfect for crafting your very own book of shadows or grimoire. The pages are also blank, giving you the freedom to use the journal however you see fit.

Whether you're an experienced writer or simply looking for a beautiful and unique journal to document your thoughts and experiences, this Leather Journal is the perfect choice.

Model: RS010


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