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MOON GODDESS BY GREEN TREE is an elegant masala agarbatti that come in a convenient container and are suitable for meditation and yoga. It produces a light and airy ambiance.This beautifully calming incense produces a lingering aroma that makes you feel relaxed while getting you in a sensual mood.

Breath in the tantalising and soothing aroma of Green Tree incense. Feel Calm, Peaceful and Serene while Drawing Tranquility into Your Life with the mesmerising fragrance of this incense made using naturally grown herbs, aphrodisiac resins and essential oils. This beautifully romantic incense produces a lingering aroma that makes you feel Tranquil

An excellent way to prepare a room and set a peaceful atmosphere for meditation is to burn some Incense. Incense has been used for thousands of years to scent temples and in the east as an aid to meditation. The scents released by the burning of Incense are recognised by many cultures for their calming, pacifying quantities. Let these Incense Sticks help you create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.


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