Goblet Cat Bat Witch 18cm


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This gothic Black Cat Goblet Wine drinkware is made of fine polyresin topped with

a stainless steel cup liner, hand painted and polished individually.

Gold detail with pentagon necklace.

In the centre of this Goblet sits Feline Fang, spooky but adorable they have

two white fangs hanging from their mouth and wide bat wings that cover the Goblet.

Around the top and bottom of the Goblet is gold knot detailing as well as green ivy which sits at the very base. Cast in the finest resin before being expertly

hand-painted, this Goblet is perfect for any lover of all things gothic and spooky.

Dimensions; 22 x 12 x 12cm

Material; Resin with Stainless Steel inner.

The stainless steel liner is safe for drinking and washing.

The colourful resin body should only be cleaned with warm cloth (without soap).

The cat bat chalice has gold detail to draw the eye all around.

An awesome goblet cup that will surely be a centrepiece for any party to help you get noticed.



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