Figurine Angel with Pentacle Staff Large


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  • Figurine of an elegant angel holding a diamante crystal ball and intricate pentacle staff
  • She wears a white corseted dress, draping hooded cloak and jewel headpiece
  • Her flowing white gown and cloak matches her feathered wings

This stunning angel figurine wears a flowing white gown and cape, draping elegantly around her body. Holding forth a magical crystal globe in her left hand, she commands a silver staff with her right, decorated with a pentacle and two crescent moons. The gown is embellished with delicate floral patterns, her long auburn hair worn loose. She stands upon a rainbow coloured rock, slightly shrouded by her large feathered wings. This angel home accent makes a lovely gift for any fan of angels and fantasy art.


  • 330(L) x 230(W) x 580(H) mm

Brand: MDI

Model: GA-LAF/P


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