Corset Steampunk With Chains Red 36″


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this red steampunk corset comes in a pretty brocade pattern and is finished with chains and studs mirroring both sides. The fastening down the middle is brass buckles adding something more unusual to the piece. If you are a steampunk connoisseur then this is certainly the corset for you.

Suitable for 39-40" natural waist.

* Style: Regular Length, Overbust

* Corset Features: Cord Lacing, Hip Gores, Swing Hook

* Colour: Red

* Achievable Waist Reduction: 3-4"

* Mild Sweetheart Bustline

* Fully Adjustable Structured Corset with Criss Cross Lacing

* Front and Back Modesty Panel

* Strong Corset Cord Lacing

* Strong Waist Tape

* 6 Suspender Loops

* Outer Material: 100% Polyester

* Lining: 100% Cotton Twill

* 10 x 4mm Lightweight Spiral Steel Bones, 4 x 7mm Lightweight Flat Steel Bones

* Busk Length: 14" (All Corset Sizes)

Brand: Corset Story

Model: ND-003;36 1153


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