Coat Geometric Hooded 2XL Faux Fur Crescent Moon Zip Up


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Gothic, black coat with geometric stitching.

Winter has its lovers and haters. When the first snow falls, we’re all happy, and after a while, we realize that it’ll only get colder. It’s because you don’t have appropriate and warm clothes. That’s why we have a Gothic Geometric Hooded Coat for you, which will be perfect even for the chilliest people.

Made of black, soft suede. It’s insulated inside with a fur teddy bear. The waisted cut of the coat adds feminine charm. Stitched with stripes of artificial leather along the entire length. Additionally, it has a large hood trimmed with black, faux long-piled fur. It’s zipped so that you can easily detach and reattach it at any time. The hood also is decorated with artificial leather stripes arranged in a pentagram pattern.

The coat is fastened with a zipper with a large crescent moon pull. It has loose, pointed sleeves with leatherette trim. It’s been the most fashionable type of sleeve for several years! The hem of the coat is slightly flared and pointed. Also trimmed with artificial leather.

Gothic coat with functional, hidden zipped pockets. You can put your phone or gloves in them, or warm your chilly hands.

Design: Restyle

Outer fabric: artificial suede (100% polyester).

Inner fabric: … (teddy bear).

Brand: Restyle

Model: RE4723


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