Belt Door Knocker Holster Hip Bag


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Do you want to enter the world of witchcraft and explore Forbidden Magic? Or are you going to a Nightwish concert? The KNOCKER HOLSTER waist belt from the Restyle offer should be a must-have element of your outfit.

Made of suede and artificial leather elements which give it that edgy look. Such an addition will make your outfit truly vampiric, but also dark and unusual. The antique knocker is not only a decorative element, but also adds mystery and allows you to enter the unknown world full of symbolism and magic. The handle is also a medium for a witch who dabbles in white magic.

The gothic KNOCKER HOLSTER comes with three adjustable straps, which can be changed and customised for any occasion. And when hung over the hip, it will perfectly harmonise with your bovver boots, making it a fierce outfit. The belt comes with a touch of 19th century fashion as well as aristocratic vibes.

In addition, the front pocket is fastened with four magnetic buttons, so you can wear it as a mini bag on a chain! You can attach an additional chain anywhere you wish. Your only limitation is your imagination.

The gothic hip bag makes you free to be yourself and dress the way you want!

Dimensions: 27x27cm

Brand: Restyle

Model: RE1024


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