Will o’ The Wisp’s Call 3D Purse


A 3D SheBlackDragon ‘Will o’ the Wisp’ purse.  See below for a detailed description.

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This cute black purse comes from fantasy artist SheBlackDragon and features the ‘Will o’ The Wisp’s Call’ artwork.  The front flap opens to reveal 4 card slots and  two clear pouches and closes with a magnetic snap.  The top has a long pouches – great for notes and it also has a zippered closing pouch – perfect for coins.  It’s made of vegan (PU) black leather and has a textured feel.

The front flap features a mysterious sprite, fixing her glowing blue eyes on the viewer.  Her wispy white hair frames her face and falls to her shoulders. Below her are purple flowers – the overall colours of the image are blues, greens and purples.

  • Zippered closing
  • 6 card slots
  • size: 16cm x 10cm
  • made PU leather

This is a World of 3D product

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 3 cm


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