Incense Zombie Repellent


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WARNING: Zombie Repellent is manufactured at a secure research facility where the Solanum Virus is carefully investigated. It works by masking the smell of living flesh with an aroma that intrigues the human senses, while administering a sense of death to all reanimated beings. Many zombies were harmed and killed in the manufacturing of this product.

This incense is a unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, resins and essential oils. When you light a Devils Garden incense, the natural aroma will relax and enlighten you.

Zombie Repellent incense isĀ an intensifying resin. It is especially good when mixed with other incense, and acts as a boost to their potency for magical purposes. Zombie Repellent Incense is used for cleansing as well as lust and love magic. It has an ethereal, smooth, very resinous aroma with a hint of fruit.


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