Blue Moon Unicorn 3D ‘Lenticular’ Coin Purse


A 3D Anne Stokes ‘Blue Moon’ coin purse.  See below for a detailed description.

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This cute and funky coin purse comes from artist Anne Stokes and features her ‘Blue Moon Unicorn’ artwork from her unicorn range.  The silver coloured purse has a zip most of the way around and opens to reveal a dark brown pouch – perfect for keeping your coins safe.  On the zip there is a silver unicorn charm.  Decorating the back are blingy diamante studs encircling an embossed rampant unicorn.

This is a 3D ‘lenticular’ design. The front features a woman clad in a shimering blue gown. She’s cuddling in to a seated white unicorn who is gently nuzzling her. They are in a twilight woods with a moon shining above them. An owl is pictured flying in the background. The image is all blues and whites.

The blue compliments the silvery purse colour making this a stylish and yet practical purse.

  • Zippered closing
  • Rampant silver unicorn zipper charm
  • size: 11.5cm
  • made from Polyurethane leather

This is a World of 3D product

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm


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