Absinthe Goblet – 21cm


A gorgeous absinthe goblet.  See below for more information.

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Indulge in your favourite tipple in this stylish goblet.  Gordon recommends absinthe, naturally!

Based on the green fairy of legend, the spirit of absinthe is embodied in this intricately designed goblet. Emblazened on the front and the back of the goblet is “Absinthe, la fée verte” when translated states “Absinthe, the green fairy” synonymous with Parisian and Bohemian culture. Beneath the sigil is the skull of the emerald coloured fairy spirit. From the sides of the skull a set of fairy wings emerge, enveloping the glass securely within them. The goblet is encrusted with emerald gemstones and ornate nisse detailing which continues from the base, up the stem and the circumference of the goblet.

  • Cast in high-quality resin.
  • Painstakingly hand-painted.
  • Ornamental use only

This is a Nemesis Now product.

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Dimensions 26 × 15 × 15 cm


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