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November Newsletter

Three tablet cases with Anne Stokes designs

Welcome to our November newsletter! 

Exciting news for us here at Gosling GOTHware – we’ve got a new name!  We’ll be changing over all our branding over the next couple of months.  We felt that Gothware aligned more closely with how we’ve developed and are delighted to share our new brand with you.

New to the website this month is our range of face masks.  Who says you can’t be compliant and stylish in at the same time?  Well, not us obviously!  Spiral has really come through with these gorgeously gothic / punk / metal designs.

A new range of World of 3D tablet cases has also hit the website this month.

Visit our What’s New page to check all of our new stuff out!

Anne Stokes designed tablet cases - An angel, a dragon and skull and a unicorn and fair maiden

Above we have the ‘First Bite‘ face mask – it looks like your fierce vampire / monster teeth are ripping through and shredding the mask.  Muwahahaha!

For a more decorative option, the ‘Tribal Rose‘ mask could be your answer.  Red roses are entwined with grey tribal patterns.  Gorgeous!

To see the full range, visit the Face Mask section of our website.

Restyle Steampunk Cogsy Messenger Bags

Steampunk up your look with a Restyle ‘Mechanism’ messenger bag / satchel.  Coming in classic Steampunk brown, and Steamgoth black, these cogsy bags will definitely be a talking point!  They’re faux leather with the cogs and Steampunk flourishes embroided into the outside flap.

Witchy Stuff

In store this month we’ve taken delivery of a fabulous range of witchy stuff. New in (and pictured) are ‘Witches Brew’ mugs and tea sets (the teapot is sooo cute!), pentagram incense and tea light holder. Plus pentagram boxes, pentagram soap, pentagram earrings – yup, we’ve gone all out.

Now I know I probably shouldn’t mention the ‘C’ word (Christmas) in November, but if you’re looking to get ahead in your shopping, pop in and see us!

Instagram and Facebook

Anya has been busy photographing and posting all of our new products – follow us to keep up to date with what’s new and interesting in store.  If you see anything you like that’s not on our website, drop us a line and we can make it happen!

Side note: can you see the ridiculous moustache on the mannequin? I blame Gordon completely.. 😀

Gosling Gothware on Instagram

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